Big Tree User Guide

BigTree is the content management system (CMS) for the Malone website. In addition to the online training guide, group training sessions are offered each May. Individual access and training requests may be made any time by contacting Amber Balash in University Relations.

A generic Big Tree User Guide is available at You may also find a Glossary of Terms if something hasn't been made clear to you. These pages detail instructions for Malone's customized CMS. 

Content Strategy Guide

Each content uploader is required to read this Content Strategy guide. It includes:

  • Creative Objectives of
  • Content Writing: voice & tone
  • Tools & Features (Topic Rows, Related Links, Media Galleries, Testimonials, Profiles, Featured Events, Contact Information, Image Headers)
  • Best Practices
  • Publishing Schedule

Big Tree Basics 

  • How to login to BigTree 
  • How to quickly update text in the body of a page using the "Edit Content" button, save your work, or delete a page

"Edit Content in Big Tree"

  • Create a new page
  • Search for a new page
  • Change the name of a page
  • Reorder subpages in a folder
  • Roll a page back to an earlier version/Archive a page
  • Edit or add a block of content
  • Add a content alert to remind yourself to edit a page in the future