Adjunct: Science & Math

Adjunct: Science and Mathematics
Position: Adjunct Professor in the Department of Science and Mathematics
Starting Date: Open

About the position

Adjunct faculty in the Department of Science and Mathematics serve as classroom instructors for foundational or specialized courses in the natural sciences, exercise science, computer science, or mathematics, as well as courses that support the first two years of the engineering curriculum. Ordinarily, adjunct faculty will specialize in one of the following semester-long courses:

BIOL 144: General biology I

Course Description: An introduction of biological principles with an emphasis on sub-cellular structure, metabolism, reproduction, growth, inheritance, and adaptation. Includes one 2-hour lab per week. Includes one 2-hour lab per week. 

biol 371: Microbiology

Course Description: Emphasizing the morphology and physiology of micro-organisms with application both in beneficial processes and in disease. Includes two 2-hour labs per week.

exsc 313: Biomechanics

Course Description: This course introduces the concepts of mechanics as they apply to human movement and exercise principles. An emphasis on linking the anatomical structure of the human body with the mechanical principles that govern motion and function are explored. 

EXSC 386: Teaching group exercise

Course Description: This course is designed to provide students with an overview of the educational concepts, performance techniques, program design, and leadership skills needed to teach group-led exercise programs and design personal training programs. The course will include basic analysis and application of safe and effective exercise procedures for all fitness levels. 

EXSC 422: musculoskeletal injuries

Course Description: An in-depth focus on the etiology of specific musculoskeletal injuries and their proper management. 

math 150: precalculus

Course Description: A rigorous study of the concepts of algebra and trigonometry as functions. Emphasis is on examining functions symbolically, numerically, graphically, and verbally. The course is designed to prepare students for MATH 201. Graphing calculator required; TI-83(/84) preferred. 

  • Master's degree required
  • Strong commitment to general teaching excellence and academic rigor
  • Subject-specific teaching experience desired
  • Commitment to the Christian faith and the University's mission, foundational principles, and educational goals
  • Commitment to faith and learning in the academic discipline.

About the Department

The Department of Science and Mathematics offers undergraduate programs in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, computer science, exercise science, mathematics, and zoo and wildlife biology, as well as a joint program with the University of Akron for mechanical engineering. The department also serves the entire undergraduate population through its courses in the general education curriculum. These courses provide an important part of the foundation for the integration of faith and learning that is so important at Malone University.

How to Apply

In an effort to find and employ the best qualified faculty, the department maintains an open and rolling application process designed to identify a group of the most highly qualified individuals who may be called upon to teach as the need arises.


      • Adjunct Faculty Employment Application
      • Letter of interest
      • Curriculum vitae
      • Statement of Christian Belief and Practice in response to the following prompt:  
        Malone University takes seriously the integration of the orthodox Christian faith and all academic disciplines and requires that faculty (full-time and adjunct) profess faith in Jesus Christ.  Therefore, we ask that you provide a statement (250-500 words) in which you:
             -  Discuss your faith in relationship to the University’s Doctrinal Statement and Community Agreement.
             -  Describe your engagement with a local congregation or faith community.
      • Names and contact information of three references (two professional, one pastor or spiritual mentor).

Transcripts will be requested if adjunct faculty employment is granted

Send application materials to:

Kyle Calderhead
Science and Math Department
Malone University
2600 Cleveland Ave NW
Canton, Ohio 44709-3897


Malone University has an established policy of equal academic and employment opportunity. This policy is applied to all qualified students, employees and applicants for admission or employment, in all university programs and activities, without unlawful discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, or military or veteran status. Malone University is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from women and minorities.