Student Onboarding

Thank you for your interest in the Practical Ministry Certificate at Malone University. We’re thrilled that you are considering this valuable certificate program and we’re already praying that what you learn through these courses will equip you for the ministry where the Lord has called you.

To help you prepare for this next step of your academic journey, we want to answer your questions and provide you with all the information you need.

Student Onboarding

To learn more about enrollment and student onboarding, Ann Lawson from the Graduate and Professional Studies Office is ready to assist you.


If you have questions about course content and instruction, contact Joel Soza, Chair, Department of Bible, Theology, and Ministry or Marva Hoopes, the Practical Ministry Certificate program adviser.

Financial Aid

Support from EFC-ER headquarters will make scholarship gifts funds possible to Practical Ministry students on a semesterly basis. Federal student loans to cover remaining tuition may also be available to some students. For questions about donating to or benefiting from financial aid, contact Pam Pustay, director of financial aid at Malone.

Student Billing

Online and hybrid fees will be waived for program students. Remaining student bills may be paid on a payment plan, subject to payment plan fees. For questions relating to student billing, Connie Redpath from the Business Office is ready to assist you.

Textbook Butler

Students will automatically be registered with our textbook service, Textbook Butler, for ease of automatic book-buying. Books acquired by Textbook Butler will be purchased for the student and the costs will be placed on their account. Students may opt out of the Textbook Butler program.

EFC-ER support

If you have questions relating to EFC-ER support, EFC-ER Ministry Director of Leadership Development Dave Mercadante can assist you.