Graduate Student Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I'm a new student. How can I register for classes?
A: As a new student, you must initially work with the Graduate & Professional Studies Office in order to receive your first course schedule.

Q: How can I view my course schedule?
A: Your course schedule can be viewed via MaloneXpress. To access, log in > Student tab > Schedule and Grades > select corresponding schedule.

Q: How can I view course schedules for course options?
A: Course Schedules

Q: How do I register for upcoming semesters?
A: For detailed instructions (with screenshots) on how to register online, see our MaloneXpress Registration Training Guide.

Q: What do I need to do if I want to drop a class? 
A: Discuss your desire to drop a class with the Financial Aid Office in order to see how it will impact your financial aid package in addition to reviewing the Add/Drop Dates and Tuition Refund Schedules.

Q: How do I know what courses I still need in order to graduate? 
A: Track your progress towards graduation by referring to your Advising Worksheet on MaloneXpress and report any discrepancies to the Office of the Registrar. To access, log in > Student tab > Academic Advising > Click here to view the course needs > Recalculate Student Progress > Custom Advising Worksheet.

Q: How can I request my transcript? 
A: Transcript Requests

Q: Where can I view Malone policies, course descriptions, and calendars? 
A: These items can be found in the Academic Catalog. (Select the Graduate Catalog from the drop-down menu.)

Q: How can I change my address or name?
A: Address and Name Changes