Center for Professional Development Learning Outcomes

Mission of the Center for Professional Development

The Center for Professional Development (CPD) is dedicated to providing high quality, comprehensive, effective professional developmental opportunities that meet the ever-increasing demands of professional educators. We provide participants with cutting edge research based information and technology that addresses the critical issues facing educators in today's world through a Christian worldview to achieve their professional goals.

Program Goals

  1. Advance the students' intellectual curiosity, competency and skills
  2. Develop critical thinking, creativity and effective communication
  3. Allow contributions to personal and professional communities to be made

Intended Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply sound principles of teaching, learning, advocacy and reflection
  2. Exhibit effective techniques which promote learning for all students regardless of race, culture, gender, age, creed or ability
  3. Display professionalism and ownership of professional growth and learning
  4. Extend collaboration to students, colleagues and the community