The Center for Christian Faith & Culture exists to explore the wisdom of the Christian intellectual tradition in order to foster theological literacy, prayerful contemplation, and faithful reasoning within the Church, the academy, and other areas of professional life.


We aim to foster a rich Christian culture characterized by theological literacy, practical wisdom, and spiritual discernment. We envision Christian families, churches, schools, as well as business and community leaders better equipped to navigate these confused times with Christian wisdom and moral integrity.


Our approach is both ecumenical and orthodox, and our theological orientation is captured by what C.S. Lewis described as “mere Christianity.” The Center aims to promote the spiritual substance of (to use another phrase from Lewis) a “deep church."


Affiliated with the Evangelical Friends Tradition, Malone University's faculty, staff, and student body are ecumenical and highly diverse. The Center for Christian Faith & Culture is deeply invested in this diverse community, and we are grateful to have a seat at the table, where we can consistently and passionately represent the classical Christian tradition in our work on campus and beyond.

Programs and Activities

2021-22 Events


The ongoing work of the Center includes regular communication with our various constituencies including regular meetings with pastors and other community leaders.


We are devoted to formation in the way of Christ as understood in classical, ecumenical, and Trinitarian Christian orthodoxy. Through workshops, lectures, conferences, and retreats, we offer continuing education and leadership development for area pastors, lay leaders, Malone students, faculty, and staff.


Through student fellowships, reading groups. and other informal gatherings, we encourage & cultivate friendships grounded in the knowledge, wisdom, and love of Jesus Christ.

For information on our current events and activities, you can find information at the following links: 



Our Staff


David Beer, Ph.D.,  is the director of the Center for Christian Faith & Culture.  David assisted the work of the Center as associate director before being named director. Beer is an assistant professor of Political Science in the Department of History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences. As a political theorist who specializes in the thought of Augustine, Charles Norris Cochrane, and Eric Voegelin, Professor Beer works at the intersection of philosophy, politics, and theology.