Our mission 

The Department of Communication, Visual, and Performing Arts commits to developing communicators and artists rooted in communities, working as agents of truth, reflection, transformation, and reconciliation in a way that celebrates God’s grace and faithfulness.

Program Goals

The overall goals of the Department are: 

  • To provide students opportunities to develop written and oral communication competence
  • To provide students opportunities to develop an orientation for meaningful vocation in a wide variety of communication related careers and activities
  • To provide students opportunities to develop the ability to analyze and critique the relationship between communication and culture

Learning outcomes

Graduates will meet the following objectives: 

  • Students will demonstrate effective competency in the accepted forms and practices of the disciplinary areas.
  • Students will demonstrate their ability to write appropriately and effectively in a variety of communication contexts.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge, application, effectiveness and appropriateness in oral communication contexts.
  • Students will articulate a philosophy of work and vocation that reflects an understanding of the nature of work and the relationships between gifts, calling and vocation.
  • Students will demonstrate the application of communication theories in various life situations.
  • Students will apply communication concepts and skills to personal interaction and group settings.