Become a Pioneer in Music

For prospective music majors and prospective students seeking to participate in music at Malone...

All prospective students, regardless of major, are eligible to receive participation or auditioned music scholarships.

ensemble Participation scholarships

Incoming students who would like to participate in band or choir at Malone are eligible for an annual ensemble participation scholarship beginning at $750. Though participation scholarships do not require an audition, students must request the scholarship from the Department of Music.  Official requests can be made by filling out the form below.

  • A minimum of three years high school ensemble participation or equivalent experience
  • Satisfactory participation in the Malone University Chorale or the Pioneer Spirit Marching Band/Symphonic Band
additional participation awards:
  • An additional $250 if the student elects to take private lessons at Malone University on his or her major instrument or voice (Note: Members of the Malone University Chorale are required to take voice lessons during their first two semesters in the ensemble.)

auditioned music scholarships

Students who choose to schedule an on-campus audition with the music faculty will be considered for larger scholarship awards up to $5000 per academic year. All students planning to major in music are required to schedule an audition.

The Department of Music offers auditions on the dates listed below.  However, if these dates do not suit your schedule, you may request a different date on the form below.  Auditioning as early as possible is strongly encouraged for optimum scholarship consideration.

Follow the links below "Preparing for your audition" to learn more about audition expectations.

2018-19 Audition Dates

Monday, February 18  (Music Discover Day)
Friday, March 29
Saturday, April 13

Scholarship Details

Auditioned scholarships will be renewed annually, provided the student continues participation in a major ensemble (Chorale or Symphonic Band), takes applied lessons, remains a full-time student in good standing at Malone University, and shows progress on the auditioned instrument based on juries and teacher recommendations.

Half of each award will be credited to the student's account each semester.

If you have auditioned for one of the music majors or for scholarship consideration, you may have to audition again for ensemble participation and placement.

auditions for prospective music majors

All prospective music majors are required to audition for the music faculty according to the guidelines below, regardless of the desire or need for a music scholarship.

Those with a concentration in Music Production must also submit a one- or two-page statement outlining their experience in music production. A recording of work created is also recommended.

All Music Education or Music (General Music, Music Ministry and Music Production concentrations) majors are required to take the Theory Placement Exam and the Keyboard Placement Exam before beginning classes. These exams can be scheduled the same day as your audition.

If you have auditioned for scholarship consideration, a second audition will not be necessary for the music majors. An additional audition may be necessary for placement or ensemble participation.