Matthew Ellis '12 has worked as a patent examiner since graduating from Malone. While it may seem like a unique career choice, Ellis had a connection. 

"My Uncle Chris worked here for more than 25 years, so I had a feel for what I was getting into: reading and writing a lot," said Ellis. "Although the job is mostly about law and I got my degree in Computer Science, I'm in a specific area of the USPTO which allows me to use my skills as a software engineer to help me understand the type of patent applications coming through." 

Ellis also had a connection that led him to come to school at Malone - his best friend John Dolence '13 attended ahead of Ellis, so he decided to visit. 

"It was a great experience," Ellis said. "I just felt like God was pulling me toward that place. I have so many Malone memories with my friends that I will always cherish. My professors had a huge impact on me, especially Drs. Glasgow and Jensen. I enjoyed their classes very much." 

In addition to participating in Airband and intramural soccer and basketball, Ellis said he pushed himself out of his comfort zone to work with Student Senate.

"That experience was so good for me as a person because I'm naturally an introvert, and it helped me overcome some of the fears that come with that personality little by little," he said.  

Malone, he noted, gave him an excellent foundation for a job he loves as he spends his days examining applications from inventors to determine if the idea is truly unique and warrants governmental patent protection. 

"There's a lot of flexibility and available overtime," he said. "What I love most is that I can work from home, which gives me tons of time with my family, my wife Maria and our little boy, Ezra."