Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Development

The Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development program is designed to provide preparation for teachers who desire to serve as administrative specialists in curriculum supervision and staff development positions in school districts. The course work is planned to enhance one’s teaching skills and attitudes essential for helping other teachers transform their classroom experiences. To qualify for the administrative specialist license, the candidate must hold the Master’s degree, pass the examination prescribed by the Ohio Department of Education, have two years of successful teaching, and a valid Ohio teaching certificate/license.

How does this help my career?

Teachers who choose to pursue their master's in curriculum, instruction, and professional development are able to move towards the administrative side of education and assist in developing curriculum for the differing levels of students. By having this degree, teachers not only have a hand in what goes into curriculum, but they also see to it that the curriculum is properly implemented into their school system. 

With the knowledge, skills, and training the teachers acquire through the program, they are able to better evaluate how the curriculum is working for their students. If they see issues or ways they can improve, they have the resources and background in knowing how to research new, effective methods in order to adjust the curriculum to be a better fit for that set of students. 

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