Curriculum & Instruction

The Curriculum and Instruction program is designed for educators who wish to strengthen their classroom instructional skill and knowledge. Educators in a variety of school settings, kindergarten through grade twelve, as well as those in business-training environments find this program of study to be attractive. Reasons include its emphasis on contemporary educational issues in curriculum and instruction and its flexibility for candidates to tailor the program to fit their individual needs.

Students may also choose to add an Endorsement to their curriculum/program of study in order to fulfill their elective credit hours. Students may choose to add the following Endorsements to their master's coursework:

How does this help my career?

Teachers who decide to pursue their master's in curriculum and instruction have the option to be more involved in the administrative side of education and potentially have input on developing curriculum for students. Not only will teachers strengthen their skills in the classroom, but they will also gain the knowledge on how and why curricula is developed and selected so that they may be able to better implement it in their classrooms. 

Teachers will also be able to assist students who may be struggling with the curriculum on a more individualized basis due to the training and education they have received through the program. Their better understanding of curriculum, acquired through learning methods on how to research, analyze, and apply it to the classroom, allows teachers to be more effective in how they utilize the curriculum in the classroom as a whole and on a student-by-student basis.

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