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Department of Language and Literature

Welcome to the Department of Language and
Literature at Malone University

The department also offers minors in English and Writing - as well as a Middle School Education concentration in Language Arts. We also offer coursework in the Gender Studies minor.

Read, Write, Reflect, Commit

As part of Malone University's College of Theology, Arts, and Sciences, the Department of Language and Literature centers itself in the tradition of liberal learning that believes an educated person - thoughtful, inventive, well-read and skilled in spoken and written communication - is best equipped not only for the workplace, but to lead a rewarding and choiceworthy life.

So if you love literature, if you want to write, if you desire to grow in knowledge and intellectual maturity, join us as we study the best texts and tackle together perennial questions that have occupied writers and readers. As Mark Twain supposedly said, "The one who does not read good books has no advantage over the one who can’t read them."

This is the Real World

Business owners and employers, routinely surveyed about what they want in employees, cite intangible qualities like creativity, adaptability, people-smarts and an ability to collaborate with others. They are more than happy to train people in the specifics, but they want are people who know how to think, know how to write, and are confident in their ability to learn. This is what a major in the liberal arts can provide.

So while the best reason to be studying language or literature is to spend time reading deeply, asking questions, mastering a skill or craft, and developing as a person, our majors position themselves to go into many fields--teaching and publishing, law and government, business and industry.

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