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Integrated Language Arts


Give your students the tools to thrive in adolescence as you introduce them to works of classic and contemporary literature, teach them to write, and train them in the habits of lifelong learning. By growing as a reader and writer yourself, you'll be equipped to guide students toward becoming well-informed, creative, and interesting people.

Kelsy O'Neill '11


"I couldn't have asked for a better college experience."

- Kelsy O'Neill '11
Integrated Language Arts

Completing this program will enable you to sit for teacher licensure exams and prepares you to teach English, speech, journalism, and communication to learners in grades 7-12.

A major in Integrated Language Arts consists of the following:

35 hours in the following core courses:

42 hours in Integrated Language Arts course work according to the program listing which follows:

Language and Writing (16 hours) 

Living Traditions (9 hours)
Choose three of the following:

Living Connections (10 hours)

Professional Practice (1 hour)
A minimum of 2 credit hours from the following:

Required ancillary courses (9 hours)
Two additional courses in writing or literature from the following: