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music hero

Music Education, BS

music ed
Instill a passion for music in young learners!

If you desire to instill a love of music in learners K-12, our bachelor of science program will fully prepare you for licensure. 

You’ll become proficient in piano/keyboard, orchestration, conducting , band, choral and vocal methods; instrumental music, educational and music theories. You also will join the Ohio Collegiate Music Educators Association (OCMEA), which offers opportunities for professional growth through attendance at state, regional, and national meetings of the Music Educators National Conference.

Jesse image


"My music explores...the redemptive intervention of a very real God in the affairs of the human race."

- Jesse Ayers
Professor of Music

A major in Music Education consists of the following:

26 hours in the following music core courses:

23 hours of the following music education core:


6 hours of approved music education electives
29 hours of the following professional education courses:
10 hours of applied music at the following levels:
With concurrent enrollment in 250 at all levels and a minimum of 2 semesters at each level

2 hours at the 100 level and

2 hours at the 200 level and

2 hours at the 300 level and

4 hours at the 400 level