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Music Ministry, BA


Study theology and music as you lead a life of worship...

If it’s your calling to lead others into worship through music, this major will prepare you for a career as a church musician and worship leader.

You’ll take both theology and music courses – and you’ll have an intense practicum of observation, planning, and teaching in a church setting under the mentorship of an experienced church musician. You’ll be encouraged to be involved in one of Malone’s many performance groups, and will participate in frequent recitals.

Jesse image


"My music explores...the redemptive intervention of a very real God in the affairs of the human race."

- Jesse Ayers Professor of Music

A major in Music Ministry consists of the following:


19 hours of course work from the Department of Theology:


22-24 hours of course work from the Department of Music:
3 hours of:
10 hours of electives chosen in consultation with the faculty adviser from among:

May include 300/400-level applied piano, voice, or instrument


8 hours of applied music in voice, piano, organ, or guitar at the following levels:

With concurrent enrollment in 250 at all levels and a minimum of 2 semesters at each level

2 hours at the 100 level in the primary applied area and

2 hours at the 200 level in the primary applied area and

4 hours at the 100 level or above in the secondary applied area