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Why Study Psychology at Malone University?

We would invite you to visit our classes, contact our professors, and prayerfully consider your options as you make your decision about where to pursue your studies. Here are compelling reasons to choose to study Psychology at Malone: 

  • There are numerous opportunities to work with people and to study human nature. For students who are interested in working with animals, Malone’s Psychology Department has close connections with the Zoo and Wildlife Biology program – and both programs are dedicated to preserving animal species and to our stewardship obligations to care for the planet.

  • Our faculty are active in scholarship in the field – and – committed to Jesus Christ and the integration of faith into the classroom and beyond.

  • You’ll study all of the subcomponents of psychology – scientific research, philosophical theory, and clinical practice – but you will be encouraged to especially explore your passion. Furthermore – Malone has faculty with specialties in each specific discipline.

  • You can choose between periodical service-learning trips to either Brazil or Poland, led by department faculty. In either trip the option is given for you to complete the General Education “Cross-Cultural Encounter” component.

  • Professors provide opportunities for individual as well as team-based research experiences. Psychology majors have presented empirical research reports at the yearly Malone University Research Symposium, the Ohio Undergraduate Psychology Research Conference, and the Christian Association for Psychological Studies. Some have also co-authored publications with peers and/or supervisors.

  • Students do practicums at the Stark County Crisis Center and also the Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health (C&A) of Stark County, which is one of two American Psychological Association (APA) doctoral internship sites in Ohio.

  • There’s an intentionally strong camaraderie among psychology majors both inside and outside the classroom (see the Psyc Club page).