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Graduate Students Who Are Pursuing a Master's
Degree and/or Licensure

The Registrar's Office hopes you find this information helpful as you navigate through the Malone experience.

Forget your schedule? Need to find your class location?

  • Your schedule can be viewed on MaloneXpress. Our Malone Xpress Student Instruction Guide (PDF) walks you through getting your username and password, viewing your schedule, viewing your grades and showing you how to find your degree audit.

Want to view course schedules for course options?

Thinking about dropping a class?

  • If you use company reimbursement or financial aid, please discuss how dropping a course or withdrawing from your courses will impact your amount due to Malone. Please contact Laura Klco in our Financial Aid Office at 330-471-8435. Remember to discuss company reimbursement with your employer.
  • View Refund Schedule
  • Withdrawal Form (PDF)

How do I know what courses I still need to graduate?

  • Track your progress towards graduation by using your degree audit.
  • Refer to your Program of Study and report any discrepancies to Registrar's Office.

Need to send a transcript or change your address?

Malone Policies, Course Descriptions, and Calendar

  • Online Graduate Catalog (Use the drop-down menu located directly beneath the navigation bar to select the Graduate Catalog.)