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Summer classes

Looking to take college classes in Canton, Ohio this summer?

Take your summer classes - online or on our campus in Canton, Ohio!

Malone University offers four summer sessions to accommodate your schedule so that you can still work, relax, and travel. (Why take summer classes?)

Open to all undergraduate Malone students as well as students attending other universities.

How to Register

Web registration is available - here's how to register

Undergraduate summer registration has begun

Summer session dates and information

New students or students from other universities

New or re-admit students (once accepted) register by completing a registration form in the Office of the Registrar, Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. You can also call 330.471.8128 during office hours to get the registration form. Your signature is required each semester. 

Traditional Undergraduate Sessions

Course Listings:

Summer Course Schedules (Use Drop Down for Correct Term)

Summer Term Dates

  1. Full Summer: May 5 - August 8 

  2. Summer I: May 5 - June 6

  3. Summer II: June 9 - July 11

  4. Summer III: July 14 - August 8 

Traditional Undergraduate Tuition Rates

$366 per semester hour 
Additional $120 fee per online class

Financial Aid may be available!


Traditional Undergraduates: If you register any time after April 27,1/3 of the payment is due upon registration. The remaining 1/3 payments are due June 1 and July 1. A $15 fee is charged for the payment plan. 

Undergraduate Refunds and Drop Dates

Policies regarding refund/withdrawal

Billing, Room and Board, and General Information

Note: The University reserves the right to withdraw courses if not enough students are registered, and to add courses for which there is demand; to revise teaching and time assignments, and to regulate class sizes.  

Sweet Deal!

Sign up for classes, and pick up your $5 gift card to Taggarts Ice Cream Parlor & Restaurant in the Registrar's office.