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Complete Your Degree in the Accelerated Degree Completion Program

You started on the road to a bachelor's degree, but life happened.  Perhaps finances, family and work demands, or health and personal issues kept you from completing your degree.  Now, you're ready to achieve the goal.

Advantages of completing your degree in the Accelerated Degree in Management Program:

  • Complete your degree in as little as 14 months
  • Classes just one night a week or online
  • Small class size
  • Same classmates for the duration of the program
  • Finish one course before beginning the next one
  • Convenient, safe location
  • Affordable - cost covers tuition, all books, materials and parking
  • Only register once
  • Respected, accredited institution
  • Supportive, Christian environment

Environmental Management

Combine management theory and practice with social responsibility, ecological awareness, and sustainability.

Health Services Management

Gain an in-depth understanding of health care systems, legal issues related to care and consumer health choices.

Marketing Management

Pursue careers related to advertising, promotions and sales.

Organizational Management

Prepares for active leadership roles in corporate, government and non-profit environments.

Project Management

Manage the people, resources, schedules and plans to complete projects on time and on budget.