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Intervention Specialist Education


Open up the world for children of all ages who have diverse learning needs. 

You’ll be learning from professors such as Mark Jakowsi, Ph.D., who believes, “All students can learn and grow. Students learn the best when they are actively engaged in the subject matter. Although there are times when direct instruction is necessary, lifelong learning and lifelong lessons are instilled through self discovery.”

A major in Intervention Specialist Education consists of the following:

Intervention Specialist: Mild/Moderate Educational Needs (K-12)

The major consists of course requirements in professional education (29 hours) and the intervention specialist core (44 hours) as follows:

Professional Education Course Requirements:
Intervention Specialist Core Requirements:
Additional Requirements:
The following course also is required in the program:

Those students pursuing an Intervention Specialist: Mild/Moderate Educational Needs license may also earn an Early Childhood Education license by completing the following courses: