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Middle Childhood Education

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Begin your adventure!

Being trapped in a windowless cinder block room with dozens of hyper, hormonal, impulsive preteens all the while trying to convince them to think and act like adults... 

AND pass the big state achievement test at the end of the school year - now that's a challenge not for the faint of heart! "But if you've got the unflinching drive, creativity, and enthusiasm for the fast-paced world of middle school education, then we want you on our team," says Assistant Professor of Education Jeff Beine, Ph.D.

In addition to the Teacher Education Candidate Proficiencies, middle childhood education candidates:

  • Demonstrate their knowledge of the unique developmental characteristics of middle level students concerning their physical, emotional, social, and cognitive nature and needs.
  • Demonstrate their knowledge of the philosophical foundations and programmatic structures of developmentally responsive middle level schools.

Come specialize in the psychology of pre-adolescents, the challenges of puberty, and two specific academic fields of your choosing (math, science, language arts, or social studies), all from an ethical, Christian worldview that emphasizes the infinite value of each and every preteen God has given us.

 A major in Middle Childhood Education consists of the following (see below for Middle Childhood Generalist Endorsement):

The major consists of course requirements in professional education (41 hours), and the middle childhood core which includes 9 hours in middle childhood education and a minimum of two concentration areas.

Professional Education Course Requirements:
Middle Childhood Core:

Two methods courses which correspond with the chosen concentration areas

Select two from among:
Select Two of the Following Four Concentrations:
Reading and Language Arts:

And two of the following:

Note: EDUC 252, 293, 357, and 425 from the Professional Education Requirements also are required for the Reading and Language Arts Concentration.

Social Studies:

Additional Requirements:

Workshops in Communicable Diseases and Child Abuse