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Nursing Student Testimonials

Read what Malone nursing alumni have to say about their experiences in our program:


"I just  want to thank you for the excellent preparation I received through your nursing program.  The hours spent in clinical lab preparing for practical exams truly made a world of difference when I started my position as a staff nurse on the intermediate care unit at UPMC St. Margaret.  I felt very prepared in the areas of critical thinking and skills application.  You taught us how to work hard, to communicate professionally and most of all to apply or model holistic care."  Thank you for your dedication!

- Jessica Rodden, RN, Class of 2011

"I felt very prepared to enter the world of nursing after my time at Malone University in the nursing department, both confident and assured that I was ready to hit the ground running. In the fall I took a job at a level one trauma center in Cleveland. I have been in the trauma ICU now for more than two years. What an experience! Every day I have the opportunity to serve some of the most ill and injured patients in the greater Cleveland area. It truly has been a humbling experience in which I treasure every day. "

- Alexander Hermelin, RN, Class of 2010

"Since graduation, I have been working at the Cleveland Clinic with leukemia patients.  When I interviewed for this position the nursing manager didn't know about Malone, but she could tell I was well prepared from the professional nursing classes we took.  A few weeks ago an oncology nurse from Akron General came to visit our unit.  She told me, Malone graduates are the best nurses.  I am so grateful for my experiences at Malone.  Starting my nursing career was scary, but almost a year into it, I know it was the wonderful education I received at Malone that prepared me.  I did not appreciate at the time learning about ethics or therapeutic communication or even incorporating my faith into my nursing, but now I know that those are the things that set me apart from other nurses.  Being able to incorporate my faith into my work is the only thing that helps me with the reality of working with leukemia patients."

- Tricia Heffron, RN, Class of  2012

"I think Malone and their nursing staff do a great job in preparing students for the workplace. I know in my senior year I was concerned about all of it coming together, and wondering if I would ever feel like a nurse. But it really does! My preceptorship and critical care rotation really helped me become more confident. My advice would be to take advantage of every clinical opportunity because you never know where you will end up after graduation. I loved my Oncology clinical but never imagined my first job would be in that field!"

- Rita Liberati, RN, Class of 2012

"Malone's nursing program challenged me to provide high-quality, thorough and compassionate care to my patients.I practiced this through clinical experiences and carried that over into my job as a Nurse Tech. Nursing is a crazy busy field to get into, and Malone's instructors taught me to think critically while practicing time management skills. Today, I couldn't be more happy to be practicing as a pediatric nurse. The field of nursing is very challenging but I can honestly say that I LOVE my job, and my patients!"

- Alison Miller, RN, Class of 2012

"Malone University's RN degree-completion program was a good program that enhanced my education and has helped me to provide better care to my patients."

- Jennifer Budd, RN, Degree Completion Cohort 36

"Looking back to my time at Malone, I have come to realize that it was the right place for me to start my nursing career. I was challenged and learned something new with every one of my patient experiences and was given so many learning opportunities! I was introduced to a variety of nursing fields that gave me clarity for the kind of patients I wanted to work with after I graduated from Malone. The nursing staff not only went above and beyond to assist students in their learning and understanding, but also taught me the compassion and care I use with my patients every day!"

- Hannah Kish, RN, Class of 2011