Find your purposeful and meaningful career using data to inform strategic decision making. 

Become a part of an interactive learning community that is passionate about analyzing and understanding trends found through data collection. You will learn through one-on-one relationships and internship experiences that will hone your problem-solving skills and teach you to think logically and practically in order to decipher the valuable information provided through analytical programming models. 

Program distinctives

  • Prepare for high-demand careers as a business analyst, quantitative analyst, operations research analyst, market research analyst.
  • Gain a fuller sense of using data ethically with a degree that emphasizes Christian ethics.
  • Experience your learning with an internship with one of our long-standing partners and learning experiences in our clubs like Enactus, Financial Professionals in Business, or Sport Management Association. 

View course curriculum

The Data Analytics major curriculum is listed in the official Academic Catalog.

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