How will you create your future?

Envision your future by learning to create digital artwork as a media production and graphic design specialist. This degree offers graduates preparation in the digital arts and training in the skills that employers need to create messaging in the digital age. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in digital arts is expected to grow due to the increase of online media platforms. The growing digital media industry indicates that most companies and organizations are open for multimedia artists to produce their audio-visual content. You will be able to attain expertise through hands on practice courses and highly qualified teaching professionals.

What inspires you?

Do you want to be a visual storyteller that reaches large audiences with creative audio-visual messages? This degree enables you to grow as a successful digital artist by exploring both digital media technology and multimedia production skills. You can receive practical instruction in areas such as graphic design, audio-video production, editing, lighting and digital storytelling. Digital Arts major provides you with the opportunity to become both one-person production specialist and professional collaborators.

How will you impact the evolving world of the Digital Arts?

At Malone, you will find a variety of directions to take your skills while mindful of the Christian perspective. Not only will you hone your technical talents under the guidance of nationally known faculty, who are highly respected artists or experienced professionals in the digital art world, but you will also cultivate an appreciation for digital art as a reflection of a society’s perceptions of itself in the past, present, and future.

You will enjoy internships, co-curricular activities, film festival, and collaboration opportunities with local organization and companies. Department of CVPA offers excellent production environment for creation such as cine digital camera, DSLR, Mirrorless camera, Lighting, Audio equipment, and Media labs. If you seek to master the digital art of self-expression and compelling multimedia storytelling in your own life and career, the Digital Arts is the best choice for you.

Why study Digital Arts at Malone University?

As a Digital Arts student, you will have many opportunities to delve into the exciting world of digital art - from creating multimedia work to developing the production skills to thrive in a modern digital environment. You will gain mastery over media production equipment as well as many other computer softwares relating to design, video editing. By working closely with our Communication Arts, Creative Writing, Music majors, you will be encouraged to create interactive and cross-departmental projects. Our Digital Arts students also enter their work in various exhibits and film festivals. Professors are extremely active in the local art community and the wider digital community. Participating alongside our faculty, you will continue to work on your portfolio and receive critiques from professional multimedia artists. We also provide students with the opportunity to consider Christian faith integration in digital arts. Professor make efforts to help students explore digital art through the lens of faith, and influence them to understand God and his beautiful creation. Learning Digital Arts is an excellent chance for students to serve the church, community and world by utilizing their creative talents.

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