Environmental Management

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This program unites rigorous management theory and practice with social responsibility, ecological awareness, and leadership, always with an eye on sustainability. Students explore issues pertaining to environmental programs, resources and politics, and how they relate.

Graduates will understand and manage these relationships and the connection between human behavior and environmental impact.

This major can be added to your coursework in order to earn a secondary major in the Accelerated Degree Completion Program in Organizational Management.

What kind of career fields will the Environmental Management major prepare me for?

  • Environmental Consulting and Program/Project Management
  • Supervision and Management of Employees in Various Scientific Disciplines
  • For-Profit and Not-For-Profit Stewardship Organizations
  • Management of Environmental Departments in Business and Industry
  • Construction Management Work
  • Various Governmental Agencies
  • Other Careers in Retail, Commercial, and Industrial Sectors

*NOTE: This major is available for Accelerated Degree Completion students only.

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