Fine Arts & Crafts

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Our Fine Arts & Crafts degree presents opportunities to study a wide variety of tools, techniques, and ideas as you explore your God-given gifts and prepare for the future. Begin with a foundation of theory and concepts and continue to hone your skills in old and new media. Learn to present your work professionally and explore how to earn a living as an artist through various classes. 

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Why study Fine Arts & Crafts at Malone?

Creative growth in a Christ-centered environment is nurtured at Malone. Be inspired by a close-knit group of fellow Visual Art students as you grow together. Class sizes are small and provide ample opportunity for personalized feedback and to develop relationships with classmates and instructors.

 The Akron/ Canton area also offers an inspirational environment for the developing artist with rich and internationally recognized museums such as the Cleveland, Akron, and the Canton Museum of Art. 


Featured Instructor

Heather Bullach 


What can I do with this degree?

The education, training, and experience you receive in our Fine Arts & Crafts program will prepare you with a found of concepts and techniques to pursue working in a variety of areas including:

  • Painting, Drawing, or Mixed-Media as an Independent Artist

  • Portraiture

  • Illustration and Visual Storytelling

  • Libraries and Historical Societies

  • Community Art Organizations or Arts Councils

  • Art as Therapy or Enrichment in Retirement Home, Hospitals, etc.

  • Museums and Galleries

  • Production supervisor

  • Creative ministry

  • Theatre Art Production

  • Retail Display

Off-campus enrichment

Local Arts Engagement

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The Fine Arts & Crafts major curriculum (courses and course listings) is available in the official Academic Catalog

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