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Are you interested in studying several different areas? The Liberal Arts major allows you to study several different fields within the College of Theology, Arts, and Sciences.

It is a cross-disciplinary pattern of 45 hours with a minimum of 15 hours from each of three cognates related to the student’s objectives. At least 39 hours must be at the 300 – 400 level with a minimum of 12 in each of the three approved fields, two of which must be in liberal arts disciplines, and cannot be in one of the professional (Bachelor of Science) majors. Any student interested in the Liberal Arts major should meet with the Registrar to determine courses in the three cognates. Careful and early planning is important in order to complete the major in a timely manner.

All Liberal Arts majors must apply and be admitted to the major prior to the beginning of the junior year (after completing 60 credits). Complete guidelines and requirements for the Liberal Arts major are available in the Office of the Registrar.

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This major is cross-disciplinary and includes 45 credit hours (15 each from three cognates chosen by the student). Additional requirements are listed in the official Academic Catalog

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“I liked that with a Liberal Arts major, I didn't have to pick just one thing. The talents I have were definitely developed during my time here.”

Lisa Heath
Liberal Arts ’12