"The place where God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet." - Frederick Buechner

Choosing a major is a big decision - and you don't have to have it all figured out just yet!

Here's our advice:


We recommend that you take time for reflection. Think about your answers to the following questions: 

  • What do I love to do?

  • What am I good at?

  • What have others appreciated about my character and skill sets?

  • What realistic life factors do I need to keep in mind?

  • What could God be calling me to do?

A helpful resource during your reflection is the Malone.MyPlan.com assessment. Explore the site and take four online assessments designed for self interpretation and application.


The goal of early class registration is to experiment. In addition to your General Education courses, we also encourage you to take introductory classes in your top area of interest. Doing this can spark a continued interest or rule out an area of study.

As you are completing the registration survey, select "Undecided" and then list your top major choice (or two) and the academic adviser (css@malone.edu) in the Center for Student Success will add the introductory courses to the general education classes you initially need.

But what if I change my mind?

If a trial major is not a good fit, the introductory classes will count as elective credits. Graduation requirements build on a major core - the general education curriculum - and elective credits combine to total the minimum requirement of 124 semester hours.

You can contact the Center for Student Success to change your intended major and update your fall schedule at any time.

We are ready to help you transition to an academic major that is right for you!