Kentucky 2019

Travel with us to Kentucky this Spring Break!

Quick facts

Dates: Spring Break
Cost: $500
Leader: Logan Hansen


The purpose of this trip is twofold. One purpose is to help serve those who are in need. Hope Hill is a residential program for young women who are in need of life change and support for a variety of reasons. You will have the chance to help provide service through physical labor by finishing tasks that need to be completed for Hope Hill as well as mental/emotional/spiritual service to young women who need encouragement, direction, and purpose in life.

The other purpose is for you to grow; to immerse yourself into a new environment and culture that many don't think about. Few students have had direct contact with those who have been really hurt and abused by others, to see this world up close and personal is a learning and growing experience as you seek to serve those in need. And though going to another state isn't as culturally shocking as going to another country, you will get to experience a slightly different way of life and environment then you may have grown up in, since we all come from different backgrounds and ways of living.