Poland 2018

Travel with us to Poland this Spring Break!

Quick Facts

Dates: Spring Break
Cost: $2,400
Trip Leaders: David Entwistle and Greg Miller


Our team will be partnering with Pastor Daniel Masarczyk and his church in Sosnowiec, Poland during this 2018 Spring Break Service Learning Team. We will likely help middle school and high school students practice conversational English. We will also participate in service projects in the local church which could include light construction or painting or church outreach events. We plan to visit major historical sites and cathedrals in Krakow (including a dragon’s lair!), the Auschwitz concentration camp, the amazingly rebuilt Old Town of Warsaw, and some of the city’s famous parks and museums. We have tentative plans to visit a university in Warsaw and interact with some of its students.  

Being part of this team will allow students to engage in cross cultural reflection, to think deeply about issues of suffering, evil, and resilience, and to encounter the richness of worshiping in another culture and language. If you are good at being flexible, willing to think deeply about human nature, and long to experience the joys of cross cultural cuisine, relationships, and service, this may be the place for you!

Z Bogiem (with God)!