In Case of Emergency

If the student needs to be contacted: 

Each student is given emergency contact information before the trip.

If there is an emergency requiring you to contact a student during a service-learning trip, please consult the emergency contact information or contact Elizabeth Patterson Roe, Director of the Center for Intercultural Studies at 330-471-8626.

If you would like to be contacted:

While there is sometimes an opportunity for students to access phone and/or internet when they travel, that is not always the case. So if you don't hear from your student, consider no news to be good news. Before each trip, students list emergency contact information should someone at home need to be notified of an emergency. That contact information is on file with the Center for Intercultural Studies and is carried by the trip leader at all times during the trip. If something happens to your student, the emergency contact listed by the student will be notified.