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"Gourd Drawing"

By Terri Howard On display through October 18


Terri Howard

Birds, Berries, Beetle
While I love the arts, both musical and visual, my first love is nature. I am a gardener and a backyard birder, and my favorite stress reliever is walking on a nature trail with my dog. Born and raised in Canton, I stayed in town until I turned 50 years old and then moved to Brewster where I take advantage of the Canal Towpath Trails in Navarre, Bolivar and Zoar as well as the trails at the Stark County Wilderness Center.


Terri Howard

Grapes and Leaves 

Working with natural objects, like gourds, is a perfect fit for me and after doing various forms of art such as graphic design, photography and tattooing I began making gourd birdhouses as gifts about 15 years ago. As time went on the artwork became more involved and I began making gourds for indoor use and enjoyment. Today, although I occasionally make birdhouses, I am more inclined to make gourd containers, vases, lights, small ornaments, and some that serve purely as visual art.
The subject matter often reflects my love of nature as well as the Old West, which I have always been partial to after growing up in the 1950s and early '60s when Westerns ruled the television airwaves. My interest in Native American people and art stems from research regarding their oneness with nature, their spirituality, and their ability to leave an extremely small footprint on the environment when they thrived in America.

Canton palace

Canton Palace Tribute 

I have always enjoyed living in the Stark County area and am constantly inspired and amazed by the musical and artistic talent here. I have displayed my work in the Canton Arts District, The Little Art Gallery in the North Canton Library, and for the past 7 years have had my gourds inside the Wendell August - Ohio Amish Country store outside of Berlin, Ohio.

Website: gourddrawing.com

Art-in-a-Case is displayed inside the Cattell library located on the Malone campus.