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Fountain Gallery

Textiles by Stephen Tornero

On display August 29 to October 14


Stephen Tornero - textiles


As an artist and teacher, I am always looking for ways to increase the engagement of my students while continuing to practice my craft. Initially, studying weaving started as a way to fill a gap in the techniques I consider myself proficient enough to teach.  Learning this new media became a way for me to combine knowledge from other disciplines to create more interesting work. In each piece, every individual thread is resist dyed using traditional Ikat techniques to create areas of color intersections. Some works are woven on floor looms, while others are created using a computerized dobby loom to generate new structures and textures.  As I continue to grow in this media, it helps me to build a teaching practice where students experience fiber arts alongside drawing and painting.  This may allow some students to succeed in art where they may not have with other techniques.  While I try to keep my personal artwork and teaching practices separate, interweaving these experiences together has helped me to grow in each.


Stephen Tornero - textiles


Stephen Tornero - green sunset 

The Fountain Gallery is located on the Malone campus in the Johnson Center. The Johnson Center is located at 2600 Cleveland Ave, NW, Canton, Ohio. The gallery is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. and is closed when there are no classes in session.

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