Resources for Students and Graduates

Searching, preparing, interviewing, and securing an internship or job may feel overwhelming, especially if it's your first time going through the process. By taking it step by step and utilizing the provided resources, you'll set yourself up for a successful pursuit.

How to obtain an internship or job:


The College Central Network is the best place to begin. Through this system, search for internships or jobs in any field across the nation that best suits your goals. 

Reach out and prepare

If you've found an internship or job that fits your goals, have a conversation with your adviser or a faculty member from your department. They will help you gather the appropriate materials needed to pursue the opportunity. Here are a few great resources to explore on your own as well.

Secure the internship or job

Preparation is key when looking to secure an internship or job. Here are ways you can prepare yourself leading up to the interview with the internship host or with an employer.