Adult Degree Completion Programs

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We understand adult learners

Have you thought about returning to school to complete your bachelor's degree but have hesitated to move forward? Are you concerned about how school can possibly fit into your already busy schedule? Do you find yourself wondering if it is too late to go back? You're not alone, and we are here to help.

Here at Malone University, we pride ourselves in serving the adult learner no matter where they may be in their educational journey. Some may be ten credits short of a degree, some may only have a few classes under their belt, but our programs are built to help each student reach their full potential regardless of where their journey began.

Who qualifies as an adult student?

Anyone! Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and each have a unique, yet unifying story. Working parents, working professionals, those looking for a career change, those who want to finish what they started, veterans, young adults, you name it, each student will fit right in at Malone. 

With like-minded individuals surrounding you in your courses, you will find even more success than you would in a traditional classroom setting. You'll even build great relationships and have networking opportunities that otherwise may not have been available. Online or on-campus, you can expect to receive all of the benefits of being a Malone Degree Completion student.

How do our programs fit your needs?

As a degree completion student, management or nursing, you will find that our programs fit easily into your work and personal schedules. Both programs offer on-campus and online formats, giving each student the option to choose which format best fits their needs. Classes on-campus are held in the evenings and the online classroom is available 24/7. No matter which format you choose, you can expect to receive a quality education provided by our respected and experienced faculty.

Accelerated Degree Completion in Organizational Management

This program was designed with the adult student in mind. Take classes when you want and how you want---create a schedule that fits your needs. You can even complete the program in as fastĀ as 12 months.

Online Social Work

This program was designed for anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in social work. With a fully online curriculum, our program will allow you to finish your degree at your convenience.