English Program Fellowship

Interested in studying English or Creative Writing @ Malone? The English Department offers several renewable fellowships of up to $1000 per year to well-qualified students who can bring leadership and energy to our classrooms and activities. How might you do this? Let us count the ways:

  • Helping to organize a literary reading
  • Strengthening our ties to our local community, by excelling at internships or student teaching.
  • Taking part in the Writers Guild, our club for students in English programs
  • Serving as a mentor: for summer camps, for our campus-wide tutoring program, for a creative writing contest
  • Assisting with our retreat for freshmen in our English programs
  • Bringing an active, inquisitive voice to the classroom.
  • Entering our annual Writers Prize contest.
  • Publishing and performing your writing at undergraduate conferences, local venues, and in literary publications.
  • Brightening our “Wrd Nrds” gatherings with your warmth and wit.

Obviously we value your academic abilities, but we also value the spark you can bring to our activities and practices. So we’ll look at your GPA, test scores and all that, but for this fellowship we are especially interested in the more personal dimensions of what you would bring to us as a student.

To receive this scholarship, students must enter Malone with a declared major in English, Integrated Language Arts (English Education), or Creative Writing, and enroll in the course ENG 206 English Seminar and Retreat in their first fall semester at Malone.

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Submission Guidelines

Please use the following two prompts to let us know some things your “school numbers” and traditional academic record don’t tell us about you. Banish false modesty! And be concise; keep each of your answers under 150 words.

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