Stark County Futures Program

In an effort to develop more college graduates for Stark County, Malone University has established the Stark County Futures program. Elements of the initiative include career mentoring, connection to a Stark County business leader, scholarship support, and county-wide recognition.

“The Strengthening Stark report shows that Stark County is growing older, poorer, and less educated,” said Malone President David King. “We have established Stark Futures because we take seriously our role as Canton’s University and want to contribute to the betterment of life in our county. Malone graduates are prepared to be leaders and make a difference in their community.”

Upon choosing Malone, high school students will, at the time of deposit, receive:

  • Career mentoring from a Malone faculty member as part of the institution’s Pendle Hill Pledge program which seeks to help students connect their calling with their career.
  • Mentoring from a recent Malone graduate who is making a difference in Stark County in their chosen profession.
  • Support from the Malone University Center for Student Success which provides career resources, academic advising, tutoring, and testing services.
  • Scholarships including $1,500 for commuter students and $3,000 for residential students.
  • County wide recognition as a Stark County Futures Student.
  • Participation in a service project in Stark County each semester.

“We believe that Malone University offers Stark County students the best of both worlds,” said Malone University Provost Greg Miller. “They can experience a quality, private education in a residential setting and still be close enough to home to take care of matters that arise in this difficult pandemic season of time. Stark County students choose Malone for small classes, excellent academic programs, and the opportunity to work with faculty who are skilled at the integration of faith and learning. Stark Futures aligns with our desire to produce more college graduates for the region.”

Canton Mayor, Thomas Bernabei, has also expressed his support for the Stark Futures program. 

“The Stark Futures program is a great initiative to help keep our best and brightest high school students close to home for college and hopefully here in Canton and Stark County for their future careers. Thank you Malone University!” 

This is a competitive program and space is limited. If you are interested in applying, please use the apply link below. Please note: if you are a scholarship athlete, you are eligible to participate in the exciting, resume-building opportunities that come with the Stark Futures program, but you will be ineligible for additional scholarship support.