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Upcoming Accelerated Degree in Management Program Classes

Ground classes meet once a week on the same day for a four-hour session for approximately 15 months. Weekday ground Accelerated Degree in Management classes meet from 6-10 p.m. Online classes are accessible 24/7.

Two to three weeks prior to the start of the Online Accelerated Degree in Management program, email communication begins to the students from the Distributed Learning Office, Business Office, and Graduate and Professional Studies. Books are sent to the students during this time.

Class Location Class Start Class Meeting Night Class Number Major

Fall 2014

Malone University
(Main Campus)
August 27 Wednesdays M268 Markeitng
Online September 8 24/7 MO009

Health Services
Malone University (Main Campus) October 14 Tuesdays M269

Online October 27 24/7 MO010 Accounting

Spring 2015

Malone University (Main Campus) January 22 Thursdays M270 Accounting
Online February 2 24/7 MO011 Marketing
Malone University (Main Campus) March 10 Tuesdays M271 Health Services

Online March 23 24/7 MO012 Environmental