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Undergraduate Admissions Requirements

Malone admits students of any race, color, religion, sex, and national or ethnic origin who meet the academic requirements

Admissions Standards

Admission to Malone is based on the applicant’s high school curriculum, grade point average, post-high school academic work, standardized test scores, motivation, maturity, and other personal qualifications. Admission is based upon a composite view that is provided by a completed application to the University along with the high school transcripts and standardized test score.

General policies are as follows:

1. The required distribution of high school credit units is four (4) units of English with emphasis on composition, three (3) units of mathematics (including Algebra I, Plane Geometry and Algebra II, three (3) units of science (including a laboratory science), two (2) units of social studies, one (1) unit of history, two (2) units of a foreign language, one (1) unit of visual or performing arts, and at least two (2) academic electives.

2. Additional units in mathematics and science are recommended for students who plan to enter programs in computer science, mathematics, natural sciences, or nursing.

3. An adult whose high school preparation is incomplete may be admitted on the basis of the General Education Development Test, providing the average standard test score is at least 450 (53 under old standards) with no one score below 410 (48 under old standards). Additional tests may be requested.

4. Students whose previous academic programs or achievements have not been satisfactory, but whose test scores and other qualifications indicate probable success in college, may be granted admission on condition or probation. The final decision rests with the director of Admissions. A personal interview may be required for students admitted on condition or probation.

5.  Prior to enrollment at Malone University students must submit final transcripts with proof of high school graduation or submit a high school graduation equivalency. 

Admissions Procedures

No previous college/university experience (excluding Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program)

1. Complete and return the application form. Students may also apply online. Include a non-refundable $20 application fee (waived for online application).

2. Request an official transcript including class rank, grade point average, proficiency test results (Ohio residents), and test scores from the current high school or high school from which the applicant was graduated.

3. All applicants must take the ACT or SAT and have results sent to Malone. High school guidance counselors can furnish complete information on testing programs. Malone University does not use the Writing portion of the ACT or SAT when determining admission decisions or scholarship amounts. Applicants out of high school for more than two years who have not taken these standardized tests are not required to do so. However, if the tests were taken while the applicant was in school, scores are requested. Other standardized tests may be requested.

For more information on admissions policies and procedures please visit our online catalog.