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International Students

Thank you for your interest in Malone University. Malone is a university for the arts, sciences and professions with a Christian community and challenging academics, which adheres to the motto: Christ's Kingdom First. We are located in Canton, Ohio in the United States of America.

Take a virtual tour of our campus, available in English, Spanish, or Mandarin languages.

If you have specific questions about international admissions, please contact Linda Hoffman, Coordinator of International Admissions. We know that the application process for International students can be complicated and we are ready to assist you in any way we can.

Click here for International Students Application Requirements

Malone University Student Brochure in Chinese

Malone University Student Brochure in Portuguese


Malone draws a number of students from across the globe, including Luke Freckleton (pictured above) who hails from Mannering Park, Australia.