Update: March 27

Guidance for telephones while teleworking

  • A number of faculty and staff have forwarded their office extensions to a personal cell phone. This is causing problems with transferring calls, resulting in the recipient unable to hear the caller or not allowing the transfer to be completed. Please forward your office phone only to voicemail when not working on campus. If you have any questions, contact the help desk at helpdesk@malone.edu or call 330-471-8428. Remember to set your alternate voicemail greeting per the guidance previously sent out to campus.
  • If anyone is having trouble transferring a call on-campus, you can transfer it straight to a person's voicemail by dialing a * [star or asterisk] in front of the extension. Example: 8428 calls the Help Desk. *8428 calls Help Desk's voicemail directly.
  • IT has started to implement softphones. This will allow for you to have your office phone extension through either a smartphone app or through software installed on a Malone-owned laptop. Once setup, users will be able to make and receive calls using their office extension remotely. IT will be in touch with department supervisors and chairs with details. Office "main lines" will be converted first.
  • If you are making Malone calls with a personal cell phone, remember that you can block your caller id by dialing *67 and then the number you are dialing. Example: *67 330 471 8428 will call the Help Desk and your caller id will be blocked.