COVID-19 Updates

February 23, 2022

Based on data which shows a continued and significant decline in the number of positive COVID-19 cases in Stark County, Canton, and our campus, we have make the decision to modify our facial covering policy. This action is consistent with our earlier statements that we would consider bringing about changes to masking protocols when our region returned to a "moderate" spread, which is defined as seven or less positive cases per day for a week. We are at that threshold currently and expect the State of Ohio and the CDC to formally change the designation in the days ahead.

While modifying our protocols for facial coverings to "mask optional," we remain committed to other safety precautions at this time, as we recognize that the virus is still present in our environment. Accordingly, please continue to do the following:

  • Recommit to social-distancing. Continue to conduct meetings remotely if at all possible.
  • Stay committed to frequently washing your hands.
  • Pay attention to your symptoms and immediately contact your healthcare provider if necessary. Students should continue to contact the Student Health Center.
  • Malone University is still recommending but not requiring vaccinations for COVID-19. (Students participating in off-campus clinicals, off-campus experiential education, or service trips will be required to follow the host site’s health protocols for mask-wearing and vaccination.) We will continue to host vaccination clinics throughout the semester.

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