COVID Response Team

This team of longtime higher education professionals is responsible for ensuring a plan is in place for adaptive pandemic response that is consistent with the guidelines from agencies including FEMA, CDC, Ohio Health Department, and Canton Health Department. They are responsible for developing institution-specific protocols, monitoring the adoption of the plan, and responding to new developments in the pandemic as they arise.


Melody Scott, chief student development officer: Responsible for common campus student arrival and departure times, on-campus residence hall protocol, Orientation, Spiritual Formation, Student Activities protocols. Oversees the management and care of quarantined and isolated individuals; works with the local health department and other department leads to address non-medical needs of quarantined and isolated students.

Tim Bryan, vice president for marketing & communication: Communication lead responsible for vetting all COVID-19-related communications for the Institution; ensures all communication accurately reflects current scientific knowledge and current state and local guidance.

Other team members include: 

Adam Klemann, chief information officer: Serves as the point person for developing institutional technology responses for instruction and business operations.

Becky Rodak, RN, director of the Student Health Center: Develops and monitors protocol related to virus prevention including, but not limited to, symptom-monitoring, access to testing, and contact-tracing. 

Elizabeth Patterson Roe, director of the Center for Intercultural Studies, Faculty Chair and Professor of Social Work: Serves as the point person for communication with faculty and other academic personnel.

Greg Miller, president: Responsible for the overall implementation of the institutional pandemic preparedness and response plan, Dr. Miller ensures that Malone’s response is consistent with current local, state, and federal guidelines and orders. He is responsible for classroom, library, labs, and internship/academic experiences protocol, including international study abroad decisions, etc.

Patrice Yacko, director of human resources: Serves as the point person representing faculty and staff; responsible for ensuring that employment protocols align with the best practices provided by the CDC and the Governor's office.

Katie Robbins, vice president for finance and business affairs: Responsible for dining hall and other food service set-ups, configuration of common areas such as office buildings, Wellness Center, and computer labs. Communicates and serves as liaison with community partners such as local hospitals and the health department. 

Jason Brannon, facilities manager: Responsible for protocol ensuring spatial/classroom configurations and operations, laboratory logistics, and sanitation and disinfection; manages daily and periodic disinfection logistics, including routine and deep cleaning and disinfection processes in accordance with current CDC and EPA guidelines. Identifies personal protective equipment (PPE) and materials with necessary types and quantities of preventative materials.

Tanya Hockman, director of athletics: responsible for all athletic facilities, intercollegiate athletics, and intramural sports; accountable to make sure that athletic activities are conducted in a manner consistent with local, state, and federal guidelines.