Information about masking

Effective February 23, 2022-- Malone has modified our facial coverings policy to "mask optional." We are recommending that unvaccinated and at-risk persons continue to wear facial coverings.

There may be instances in which masks will continue to be required as mandated by a partner of Malone, e.g. clinical settings, for study abroad, or travel for athletic competition.

Faculty members have the right to continue requiring facial coverings in their classroom setting due to a personal health concern, to protect a member of their family, or for a student in the class or group. This may also be the case with a leader of a co-curricular activity. Please demonstrate your commitment to community by respecting these decisions.

Please remember that some individuals may choose to continue wearing masks even when they are not required to do so, and we urge everyone to be sensitive to and understanding of those personal choices. We shouldn’t assume that someone wearing a mask isn’t fully vaccinated.