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Cafe Dante at Malone University

Hand-Crafted, Fair Trade Organic Coffee

Located in Emma's, in The Barn (Randall Campus Center)
Hours: Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m., Monday-Thursday 3 - 9 p.m.

We start with freshly roasted coffee from Bent Tree Roasters in Kent, hand-grind it to order, and using a form of pour over brewing that originated in Japan, lovingly create your perfect cup of coffee to order. A technique born of the ancient tea ceremony, this method of coffee brewing is not only beautiful to witness but precise in its slow, perfectly balanced extraction. The result is a cup of coffee that doubles as a work of art.

Follow us on Facebook for updates on hours, coffee variety. Whole Bean Orders available for local Canton pick-up: call 330-471-8365 or order online.

Here is a video that demonstrates our brew method:


Featured Products

bent tree logo


Bent Tree Coffee Roasters is a small batch, artisan coffee roaster located in historic downtown Kent. They seek out and start with only high quality Arabican green coffee beans—Fair Trade and organic coffees whenever possible—and carefully roast them to perfection. They work closely with farmers and coffee cooperatives who are interested in taking an active role in making a superior cup of coffee. 


Featured Roasts


Inferno Blend

Our darkest roast. Combines the boldness of espresso with the drinkability of a great cup of coffee. Sweet, caramelly and downright complex; this coffee is not only perfect for espresso, but it’s also great as brewed coffee. We begin with a variety of Latin American beans. Hints of cherry, nuts, and cedar are all evident as you taste and smell this aromatic coffee.


Purgatorio Blend

Our medium (City) roasted blend, made up primarily of coffees from Mexico and Guatemala. This is a brighter, full-bodied rich coffee that is fruity with flavors cherry, lemon, cinnamon and chocolate.


Paradiso Blend

The majority of this blend is comprised of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, a prized African coffee region. Locals grow coffee on small plots using traditional methods, and they are known to be complex and very fragrant with citrus floral aromas.


Decaf —Mountain Water Processed

The type of decaf coffee we have varies by season. It's typically Peruvian- or Mexican-grown.



plant kingdom logo


Plant Kingdom Bakery of Akron produces, from scratch, energizing whole-food snacks and whole-grain vegan pastries. The energy bars are made with locally-grown grains and are dehydrated at low-temperature, not baked. Their bars are a rich source of complete protein from Canadian-grown hemp seed and include nut free and gluten free options.


Ready-to-eat, whole food snack bars, and whole-grain vegan bakery goods including cookies, cupcakes and scones. Plant Kingdom energy bars are rich in complete protein from hemp seed and heart-healthy Omega-3 fats. They celebrate the biodiversity of the plant kingdom while protecting natural resources & nutritional quality by relying heavily on organic and locally-grown farm products.