FAQ: DeVol Hall and Summit Academy

Malone has entered a partnership with Summit Academy, a non-profit community school for alternate learners. Summit has leased DeVol Hall for the next five years.

This school is specifically designed for K-12 students with autism spectrum disorders, AD/HD, and other learning differences. Bringing Summit Academy on campus will provide a number of hands-on learning experiences for Malone students. Thank you for asking good questions about this partnership; you can find answers to frequently asked questions here.

What are the implications for staff members?

There will be no reduction of resident director (RD) positions. Temeko Holness, Michelle Alessandro, and Micah Czirr will all be shifting to other buildings on campus. There will be a reduction of 2-3 resident assistant (RA) positions.

What was the rationale for who will be in each building?

According to data analysis and future housing projections, women will reside in Blossom, Woolman-Whittier and Haviland Halls. Men will now be located in Heritage and Fox Halls. This decision allows for all students to have options for amenity and non-amenity buildings. It also allows for the highest number of single rooms to still be available for both men and women, and it prepares space for incoming, first-year students in Fall 2022. Summer residents will live in Heritage Hall while Haviland undergoes cosmetic renovations. 

Will room and board/single room prices increase?

Room prices will remain the same for academic year 2022-23.

Why were students not able to give input on this decision?

Outside organizations frequently approach Malone with proposals. There is a designated, authoritative group (the president and the University Collegium, i.e., vice presidents) that analyzes proposals, making sure any proposal fits with our mission, contributes to our academic community, and reflects good stewardship of our resources/property. A foremost consideration in any decision is student impact.

In any organization, people are assigned different types of authority over a range of decisions. At Malone, the University Collegium has ultimate authority to make decisions, which go through a process to ensure necessary information is available and considered, to gain consensus, and to provide a check-and-balance system. This process usually takes time.

In any organization, decision makers can choose to consult with others or not, but some decisions remain along authority lines. There are people assigned to these tasks according to their organizational roles, knowledge, and training. For example, students don't have financial responsibility for the University, so they aren't involved in financial decisions. This will undoubtedly be part of your experience in a future job or workplace setting. A decision made will impact people without involving them, or perhaps you might be the authority tasked with decisions and you'll have to choose who to include or not include in your decision process.

At Malone, we frequently and systematically examine input from students - through interviewing processes, course evaluations, in focus groups, on surveys, and through feedback forms. We do listen to students - largely through these evaluations so we can capture the perspectives and insights of as wide of an audience as possible. We consider students, as well as employees, as we reflect on long-term impact for Malone and what decisions are best for our campus for the future. 

There are two different cultures in Haviland and DeVol: did the-decision makers consider the impact of merging these populations?

They did. Residence halls are vital on our campus. We agree - each building has a culture, and we appreciate that. However, creating a culture lies with residents of those buildings. Students have the power to shape their experience and environment that they are living in. This consolidation will enable us to have a vibrant, central location around our quads where all students will be interacting, building relationships, and getting to know one another, some of whom may be different from you or those you’ve perhaps not chosen to interact with in the past. 

The intersection of diversity will be a strength.

Will high school students be on our campus every day?

We have high school students on our campus every day through the College Credit Plus (CCP) program. 

We've had various-aged students live in our halls. We also have Stark State students, Kent State Students, and grad students living in our residential communities. We host people from all walks of life. 

Bringing an academy with elementary students who are autistic or have AD/HD will add to the fabric of our community. We want to be kind to our neighbors. Many of these students use our basketball courts all summer long. This partnership will also offer hands-on academic opportunities to education majors, social work majors and our graduate counseling students. 

Plus, there are Malone alumni who lead and work within Summit Acadmy and they are really excited about two valuable communities coming together.

Will Summit Academy be sharing the Malone Dining Commons? 

No. Summit serves their students meals within their own building. Summit students will not be sharing dining commons, the library, or other facilities on campus.

Will there be a kitchen in Heritage?

Yes, there will be a kitchen in Heritage and a kitchen in Haviland. Also, we are reviewing proposals to add more laundry facilities to Fox.

What is the plan on how the revenue will be used from the leasing of the property and/or what financial impacts result from this action?

As an Institution, we have been committed to achieving long-term financial sustainability for Malone through careful budget realignment and reductions in costs. Many of our upperclassmen have seen the changes over the last several years. It is important to be a good steward of our physical footprint. This partnership does produce revenue for Malone and projected cost savings in re-purposing it.

When will Summit Academy students arrive?

Construction will begin this summer by Summit Academy on DeVol Hall. Students are anticipated to be in the facility by 2023.

Why are you announcing this now?

Ideally, a decision to consolidate a building should be no later than spring due to staffing considerations and Housing Selection Night for returning students in April. Alerting students now enables you to have adequate time to choose a new building/room. It will also provide adequate time to plan and execute the actual handover of the building. 

Why do we have to switch so many buildings in this relocation choice?

This plan gives male students options for a non-amenity and an amenity building. As we considered the number of residents in each building, plus single rooms, and projection for incoming first-year students, this scenario held the most options for students.

Heritage used to be a male residence hall several years ago. Both Heritage and Haviland Halls will have kitchenettes available as well.

Will parking/traffic/safety be a problem?

Main parking will shift to the Barn/WWF parking lot as well as the Haviland/Heritage parking lot. Overflow parking will be available by PGB. Summit traffic is anticipated to enter campus by 25th Street. So there will be times of the day when a higher rate of traffic will take place. Students may wish to use alternate entrances/exits than 25th Street during these times. Additionally, 70% of Summit students ride Canton City busses, which makes pick-up lines shorter than at other schools. There will also be staggered start and end times to alleviate long traffic lines.

Summit Academy will have natural barriers surrounding the building. Our safety officers will help manage traffic flow. Any emergency response needed will be handled by the staff of Summit, just as they would on their current property.

Were other buildings considered?

East Campus did not have a large enough space for Summit Academy and PGB needs too much repair; we were also concerned about traffic accessing the middle of campus. Summit was interested in DeVol because of the ease of repurposing it and the location.

Will Haviland be improved?

Yes. We are going to do cosmetic repairs this summer.

Will other buildings be repurposed?

The only other building change at this time is East Campus, which is being rented by Identity Church as of Spring ‘22. 

What will happen if they don’t want the building anymore?

At this point, we a five year commitment to one another. At the end of the five years, both Summit Academy and Malone will evaluate the partnership.

How can students help?

Although the majority of the tasks will be the University's responsibility, students can be involved as well. 

  1.  If you have questions, please see your RD. We are happy to answer as best we can. 
  2. Assist staff in preparing for the housing process. Housing Selection Night for 2022-23 will be April 6 in the JC Dining Room. Start thinking now about where you want to live.
  3. Keep having fun and doing your floor events. We think community has more to do with the residents of a building than the walls of a building. We believe community will be celebrated - it's just going to be in a different location
  4. Celebrate the history: Help us choose a way to celebrate DeVol at the end of the semester!

Do you still have questions?

Contact Student Development at 330-471-8273.