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The Malone Fund - the Investment that Transforms


Yvonne Brake '98

Lives Transformed

If you've met a Malone University alumnus, you'll know...She's the teacher who helped your son learn his multiplication facts – and inspired him to believe he is smart.
The wellness coach who trained corporate America to live healthier - after she volunteered in Tanzania for a year, teaching how to prevent HIV/AIDS.
The marketing guru who works with Fortune 500 companies - and the one who offered your small business the most excellent customer service you've ever received.
The Emmy-award winning news anchor who just interviewed the president of the United States - and after work hosted the fundraiser for the child waiting for a new heart.
Our alumni – and our students - do Big, Important Things, but they also are people who are faithful in the everydayness of life. The people you want as your neighbor, your nurse, your employee, your employer, your child's teacher, your pastor.

Help us educate more of these difference makers.