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The Integration of Faith and Learning

Malone is not a Christian university in name only.

Rather, it's our reason for being.

The second of our foundational principles reads this:

We are called to know Christ and make Him known through the integration of learning and faith.

We believe that faith and knowledge are inextricably bound to one another and should not be compartmentalized or fragmented. Professors and students at Malone examine what the Christian faith has to say about a given discipline and what that discipline has to say about the Christian faith. These actions stem from our belief that Christ is known not only through Scripture, the workings of the Holy Spirit, and tradition, but also through the pursuit of knowledge. We are called to make Christ known through scholarship in our individual disciplines, evangelism to our community, and service to others. These actions reflect our conviction that a Malone education should equip students to fulfill their callings. Therefore, we nurture intellectual curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, compassion, and spiritual growth.

Please help us equip our wonderful students - like Christa Salem '13, whose story was changed at Malone University.