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Transformed Lives

Community members share their stories of how a Malone University education transformed their lives: 

See additional real life examples of how a Malone degree lays the foundation for a meaningful life of work and service.

Liberal Arts (video)

Erin Brown '07, B.A., Liberal Arts; filmmaker, director, producer, photographer, Los Angeles, Calif.

Communication Arts (video)

Jake Thomas '07, B.A., Communication Arts; Script Development, Los Angeles, Calif.

Language and Literature (story)

Amanda Flower '02, B.A., English, author and librarian, Akron, Ohio

History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences (story)

Joshua Eck '11, B.A., History, deputy press secretary to the senate majority for the State of Ohio, Columbus, Ohio

Math & Computer Science (story)

Adam Klemann '00, Support and Infrastructure Manager, Malone University

Music (story)

Ron Robinson, Jr. '02, Director, Creative & Editorial, Atlantic Records Digital Media, New York, N.Y. 

Natural Sciences (story)

Dustin Grimm '08, Analytical Forensic Chemist, AIT Labs, Indianapolis, Ind.

Psychology (story)

Christine Szostak '00, Psychologist, Assistant Professor, Professional Consultant

Social Work (story)

Kelly Ellinger '09, In-House Coordinator, LifeBanc Ohio

Visual Arts (story)

Heather Bullach '11, B.A., Visual Arts, Artist, Translations Art Gallery, Canton, Ohio