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Other Ways to Invest

Thank you for your interest in Malone University. We know there’s literally no limit to the ways you can invest your resources – from the expenses of daily life to the innumerable non-profits, ministries, and other higher educational institutions out there.

So we want you to know that when you invest your resources Malone’s mission, you are helping us as we strive to transform the lives of those who will make a difference in their churches, communities, and world.

As Julianna Smith '08, an alumna working in Cairo, Egypt says, "If you are interested in being challenged academically and spiritually; if you desire a college experience that will teach you more than how to push papers or manufacture widgets; if you want your education to be more than just learning facts; if you are willing to be transformed in the education process, then Malone is one of the best institutions to begin your studies.”

Send your gift by mail to:

Advancement Office; 2600 Cleveland Ave NW; Canton, Ohio; 44709

Malone Fund - Annual Unrestricted Gifts

Gifts to The Malone Fund help sustain essential University needs. Your gift helps pay for updated instructional supplies, library acquisitions, financial aid, laboratory equipment, multimedia development, and cutting-edge technology. All of these things play a huge role in helping Malone successfully compete for talented students, and empowering those students to compete for successful employment. For the Malone Fund, you are welcome to make a pledge that allows you to fulfill your gift over several installments: monthly, quarterly, or any increment you choose.

Matching Gifts

A great way to double or even triple your gift to Malone is through your company's matching gift program. Simply contact your company's human resources department to pick up a matching gift form and more information on how to take advantage of this valuable benefit, which allows you to help allocate your company's charitable dollars to a cause you find meaningful.

Planned Giving

- View our Planned Giving Website for all of the details!

Designated Gifts

Donors may designate investments to a range of special projects. To designate your gift to a particular area of interest, including scholarships, projects, curriculum development, exhibits, facilities, or memorial/honor gifts, donate online or send a check and specifics about your designation to our office.

Real and Personal Property

If you choose to invest in Malone University by offering a home, land, or other real estate, you will have the option to:

  • Receive a charitable deduction for the full fair-market value of your donated real estate AND avoid capital gain taxes on the appreciation.

  • Irrevocably deed any personal residence or farm to Malone University while using it during your (and another person's) lifetime.

  • Use real estate to fund a charitable remainder trust – a lifetime income gift.

Giving Levels

Friend  $25 - $99                         President's Club  $1,000 - $2,499
Professor  $100 - $249                  Chairman's Club  $2,500 - $4,999
Dean  $250 - $499                       Ambassador's Club  $5,000 -$9,999
Provost  $500 - $999                    Founder's Club  $10,000 or more

Pray for Malone!

Here are specific ways you can pray for Malone University.